05 March 2013

Some Useful Facts About Food Additives

Food additives can be useful. No kidding. Without it, would you actually eat a dull looking food with full of excitement? I DARE YOU! Here are some cool things you should know about food additives : 

       * Acids / Acidity regulators / Alkalis help to maintain a constant acid level in food.    This is important for taste, as well as to influence how other substances in the food function.

      * Anti-caking agents reduce the tendency of individual food particles to adhere and improve flow characteristics e.g seasoning with an added anti-caking agent flows freely without clumping.
        *Antioxidants retard or prevent the oxidative deterioration of foods e.g in fats and oils, rancid flavours can develop when they are exposed to oxygen. Antioxidants

        *Colorings add or restore color to foods e.g icing mixture is colored to make it more attractive on cakes

        *Glazing agents coat the external surface of the food e.g wax coating on fruit to
      improve appearance

      Okay, I've stated my point. Food additives does brings out the good part in food. Remember, the reason why we eat food is because the food that we SEE and SMELL tickles our curious taste buds to eat :D ( That's not even a real theory, its what we called the SUF'S THEORY! )

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