05 March 2013

Reflection of the Project

Everyone's gotta learn something from these posts right? As for ME, I do learn something useful in all aspects :)

Firstly :

- Well, obviously, everything in this world has its good and bad things. But it is important for us to know about the FACTS as well! Besides that, I gain more understanding about, yeah, like what I wrote up there, THE BAD, THE GOOD AND THE FACTS.

- Okay, this case, is like the most common thing would happen during the posting process. We were all like happily typing and SUDDENLY everyone goes, "TEACHER!!! WE CANNOT PUBLISH THE POST! HELP!" . Good thing about it? I learn how to be calm and settle things in a good way. Hey, it paid off okay?
scared of eating food? Drink Mineral water instead ! :P

Well, that's all from me folks! Have fun finding about the good and bad of food additives so that we can choose food wisely before we end up, well, sick or not. Till then!

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