05 March 2013

Good or Bad? YOUR CALL!

Hey there again! So today, me and lovely meera tasha, representatives for PRIMADORI GIRLS will post about FOOD ADDITIVES : GOOD OR BAD. Enjoy reading it :D

What is food additives?

Food additives is a functional substance that is normally neither consumed as a food itself nor is used as a food ingredient but is intentionally added to the food to assist or improve the characteristic such as aroma , color, consistency, taste, texture and packaging. 

What do food additives really do? (Facts or Myths)

Some people may think that food additives brings BAD NEWS! Some say that food additives causes allergic reactions and cancer. But, IS IT ENTIRELY TRUE?! Here are some myth-facts comparison ;

MYTH  : Food additives and artificial flavors causes the majority of food allergic reactions.

FACT : Not at all. Natural food  account for the majority of allergic reactions. The foods that cause 90% of allergic reactions are : peanuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soy, tree nuts, fish and shellfish

So, yeah. Food additives are not the causes of food allergic. People judge things. Just because it is a type of chemical that we eat, it is so dangerous. Change your perception people! 

Shockingly true, isn't it? ;)

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